Our library’s objective is to inculcate the habit of reading; children are introduced to the library and books right from the Kindergarten level. They realize the joys of reading as well as the importance of books, in their formative years itself. Reference books are also kept to help students with their course studies. The cataloging and issue procedure in the library is through library cards. Students at Pragathi Maha Vidyalaya are encouraged not only to pursue reading but also to develop the art of story-telling, enacting and reading aloud.

Computer Lab

At Pragathi Maha Vidyalaya the emphasis is on quality education and this tradition is reflected very clearly in our Computer Department also. We have made it a point to keep our children abreast with the fast paced changes in the computer world, rather than making them follow the stereo-type computer syllabus. We want to nurture creative and thinking minds that are forever exploring new realms in the computer arena.

Play Grounds

Open space, fresh air, voices cheering and spirits soaring is what you will see on our playgrounds. These days with little or no play area and time as well; we have ensured that our children do not miss out on it at school also. We have a huge play area which accommodates a football field.

Activity Room

The K.G. activity room, equipped with puzzles and blocks, gives children an interactive learning environment, which helps them develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The activity room for the ISC students has equipment for table tennis, chess and carrom.


The Canteen, managed by the intract club of the school, atempts to provide tasty and wholesome snacks and meals to the students. A Canteen sub committee set up by the Parent Teacher Association ensures high standards of quality, hygiene and nutrition.


The school, with its excellent academic program and a diverse set of sports activities, has a auditorium, with good acoustics and a wooden stage that many occasions grace.
The auditorium is a venue for the students who participate in dance, drama, debate, elocution and quiz programmes conducted with the purpose of both entertaining and stimulating the audience artistically and intellectually. Apart from the inter-house competitions, the auditorium is used to screen educational and entertaining movies.

Art & Craft

Art and Craft may appear abstract but its one way expressing your inner self. To teach finer nuances and help children realize their artistic ambitions, the school has engaged teachers and room is exclusively dedicated for art and crafts activity.

Sick room

It is normal to fall sick at certain times, seasonal or otherwise. we arranged the beds to take rest and relaxation for the students, who are sick or feeling unwell. However, parents are intimated immediately about the child’s discomfort, whilst first aid is given to comfort the child who is supervised until the parents’ arrival.